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Although there are many species of ants, the most common here in Northern California are the Argentine, Pavement, Pharaoh, Carpenter and Fire ants. These ants do make harborage where a food source is consistent and can cause damage to your yard or home in the process. Our technicians begin the service for ants with an inspection of the exterior of the building, locatingthe nest and begin treatment, and will maintain follow up services as it is key to control of ants.
There is a wide variety of spiders, and each comes with their own characteristics. Most spiders,however, aren't hard to find. Generally you will find them in dark areas of the garage, attic, closets, basements or even in plain view of a corner wall. Most spiders aren't harmful, however there are some that can pack a punch of venomous bites that can lead to serious medical issues. The most common venomous spiders are; Brown Recluse Black Widow Our technicians will first identify areas where spiders may enter your home or office. This includes areas with cracks in walls or doors, broken screens, and any other small openings.Spiders also may make their way into your home unbenounced to you by an object from outside or from a desolate area, this could be wood from a pile, items from a shed, or barn.
There are a wide variety of cockroaches and each with their own biology makeup and preferences for breeding, feeding, and harborage areas. Because of their expansive range, this also creates a complex and more tailored approach to treatment. Once technicians have identified the type of cockroach, the technician is better prepared for the treatment process. Overall, cockroaches are typically found where it is moist, and where a reliable food source is present, common areas are; basement, closets or pantries, cabinets, and around appliances. In conjunction with their harboring, most species of cockroaches do thrive in unkempt, and unsanitary conditions. For effective pest treatment, customers should take into consideration the environmental conditions and correct as needed.
Bed bugs are quite the issue, and a difficult battle to go on alone. Bed Bugs are blood sucking pests that look for hosts in order to lay their eggs and produce their offspring. Bed bugs are common in any area of a property and not necessarily in dirty or messy environments. However, the most common areas to find bed bugs are in the cracks and crevices of the room, this includes areas such as; mattress, box spring, bed frame, couch cushions, baseboards, and etc. Our technicians will go in and identify the location of breeding and follow a step by step process for our customers. This includes; bagging all items such as blankets, clothing, any soft materials, and any personal belongings, then removing the items out of the located room(s). Following prep our technicians will go in with a crack and crevice localized treatment. Assure Pest Control enlists a third-party contractor for heat treatments, and canine inspection for our customers.
Fleas don't always show up when there is a pet in the home or property, fleas can catch a ride with any host and make their way into your home. It is best to identify and be sure your pet hasn't brought any into your home by accident and treat them as a priority if they do have them, fleas can be painful and cause skin damage if left untreated. An advanced flea infestation will move on from our four legged friends and begin to bite humans around the lower extremities, causing a painful itch and bite marks. Fleas are not only found on animals, but can be found on most fabric surfaces once they’ve entered your home or office. Treatment is aimed at eliminate the infestation at the host site, once identified, the treatment can lead to a permanent feal elimination. Ticks Although more commonly found in remote areas, they can still make their way into your home oroffice. Ticks can find a host virtually on anyone and anything, this includes humans and animals. Just like fleas it is always best to check your pets and yourself for any ticks who may have come into contact with you if you've been outdoors, such as wooded areas, campsites, hiking or general remote areas. The most common ticks today in our area are; Rocky Mountain Wood Tick Brown Dog Tick Western Black-Legged Tick American Dog Ticks are most known to carry a serious list of diseases, this includes; Mountain spotted fever, lyme disease and babesiosis. Our technicians will first inspect the exterior perimeter of your home or office, and identify any activity in high grassy areas, or with heavy brush harborage for them to populate and make their way in. For ticks, our technicians will first take a look at your pets and their bedding to identify any activity. Following exterior inspection, technicians will identify the interior issue, and apply an interior treatment and recommend our customer to vacuum in the days following treatment, and to cut and trim high brush or grass.
Most rats and mice issues arise from habitat and food source availability. We often see in pest control, and along with rodent biology, a connection with easy access areas for nesting and food source availability. These areas may become a problem for households and commercial buildings due to areas that allow for easy nesting and breeding, this includes an easy food source such as dog food, outdoor kitchens, food commissaries, and sometimes in conjunction with cleanliness of the surrounding areas. Nesting is made available to rodents in areas that are secluded by not far from a readily available food source. Our technicians inspect for any entry access points and pathways of traffic. This may include exclusion services, where technicians identify entry points to seal and deter the rodents from re-entry.
What is IPM? Integrated Pest Management is a strategy and method for the ecological community. IPM focuses on a 4 stage approach, this is the alterations to the pests habitat, control of tier biology, changes to human practices, and resistant varieties. So how does Assure implement IPM? Our qualified technicians are continuously training for the most up to date treatment procedures within the pest control industry, and will work closely with every customer to make a plan of action based on customers needs and preferences. Our technicians begin by inspecting properties and looking for signs of activity, along with areas of entry and breeding sites. Our technicians will conduct treatment and follow-up visits to maintain the control of your pest for your home or business.
Earwigs There is a large library for species of earwigs, and first must be identified before starting treatment. Generally, earwigs or pincher bugs enjoy damp areas inside your home or office, Restrooms, showers, and near plumbing is their favorite place to be. Treatment will be eliminating any leaking pipes, standing water or sanitation recommendations. Assure Pest Control technicians will follow with a monitoring program. Fabric pests Webbing Clothes moths Carpet Beetles Silverfish Case Making Clothes Moths Although these pests are considered in the family of “Fabric Pests” this isn’t the only source they’re connected to. Many of these pests have specific preferences. Some will be more likely found around water, or drainage, while others are commonly found around clothing, furniture, carpeted materials, and even magazines, books, sugar and flour. General treatment for these pests will begin with our Assure technicians identifying the target pest and laying out a plan of action. Generally most fabric pests will start out with an intense sanitation step that will eliminate harborage and breeding areas. Following a specific plan of treatment to monitor activity. Gophers and Moles Gopher/Moles are attracted to flourished and healthy lawns, the more variety of plants, the better for these guys. Gopher though, create havoc to your well manicured lawn, and can easily destroy it overnight. Should they choose your lawn, they will construct a maze of tunnels travelling all underground, even under concrete slabs, driveways and walkways. Assure Pest Control technicians will first identify if indeed you're dealing with gophers. Assure technicians will implement an underground trapping program and monitor for gopher activity. Stored product pests Angoumois Grain Moth Cigarette Beetles Drugstore Beetles Granary Weevils Indian Meal Moths Sawtoothed Grain Beetles There are a wide variety of pests that create havoc for your business or home. Pantries, food storage facilities, and areas selling food items such as, grocery, markets, food manufactures, food warehouses, and convenience stores all have potential for infestations. Stored food product pests are just like the name implies. Items such as grain, flour mixes, and more are perfect breeding and harborage areas for these pests. Each pest comes with its own set of problems and can be difficult to identify by the untrained eye. Assure Pest Control technicians will locate the source, identify the pest and create a plan of action for elimination. Snail and Slugs Snails and slugs are often found in garden beds and laws, and they frequent more during the night, but are easily identified by their slime trails. They are most attracted to dark and moist areas in your yard and have to be identified prior to treatment plans.